Game 11

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June 6th, 2017              

Game #11

Karl Richter Field D 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Hartland 1 5 0 0 0       5
Holly 1 2 4 1 4       11

Position Played:

1B 3B LC 1B        
Tonight the Holly Purple girls had a bit of a rough start, letting five runs score in the first inning. They needed to be more defensive with our plays and come away with some stops if they wanted to maintain their undefeated record. Jayden played first base during that inning, but didn't see much action come here way. When it was her turn to hit, she ended up going down swinging, making it an out for her team. Holly was only able to scrape out two runs in their half of the first, making it a 5-2 game at that point. Thankfully all of the offense for the rest of the game belonged to Holly, as they were able to blank Hartland for the next three innings. Jay had three more at-bats over the course of the game, with a baseline hit in the second inning that ended up as an out, a strike out in the third, and a walk in the fourth. Overall this game was fairly uneventful, but the girls did walk away with another win for the season!


HLL Softball Game 11 - vs. Hartland 1

Jayden in the field playing third base.

Jay at the plate, looking for a hit...

...but fouling the ball off.

Jay in the field once again, this time at first base.

Jay throwing the ball back to the pitcher.

Jayden playing left field.

Jay running the bases from first to second.


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