Game 3

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May 9th, 2017              

Game #3

Karl Richter Field D 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Linden 3 5 1 0 0       6
Holly 1 3 0 4 5       12

Position Played:

3rd 1st LF SS        
Jayden and her teammates took to the field after a long break due to the weather conditions today, facing off against one of the teams from Linden. This team looked to provide some formidable competition to the so-far undefeated Holly 1 team. The first inning made it look like this might be a long game, as Linden scored the maximum allowable 5 runs in the top of the inning, while Holly was only able to muster 3 themselves. The second inning was better defensively for Holly, as they held Linden to a lone run. Jay got a chance to bat in the bottom of the inning, but ended up striking out swinging. Her team was unable to plate any runs in the second. Holly put their ace on the mound in the third, and she managed to hold Linden off the board. The Holly bats woke up in their half of the inning, and they scored 4 runs to grab a 7-6 lead. Jay took a walk in her final at-bat of the day. The fourth and final inning was more of the same, as Holly's pitching and defense kept Linden from scoring, while Holly kept the bats moving and scored the maximum 5 runs to seal the game with a 12-6 victory. Way to go girls!


HLL Softball Game 3 - vs. Linden 3

Jayden in the field at first base during the first inning.

Jay at first base in the second inning.

Jay getting her at-bat in the second inning, swinging away...

...but missing the ball.
Jay swinging for the fences once again...

...but missing the ball.

Jay ducking under a high pitch.

Jay still at the plate in her first at-bat...


Jay playing left field.

Jay at the plate once more, searching for an elusive hit...

...but settling for a walk instead.

Jayden in the field at her favorite spot, shortstop.

Jay watching as the ball bounces near her feet.

Jay watching as another ball comes in low.


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