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May 11th, 2017              

Game #4

Tomek-Eastern Elementary School 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Holly 1               8
Fenton 1               2

Position Played:

Due to a busy schedule full of conflicts, Tara arrived at Jayden’s game against the Fenton 1 team late today. When she walked in to the game, there appeared to be a bit of tension and frustration amongst the parents. The Fenton coach had questioned our players pitching stance, in addition to sending players at third base home. Jay had played short stop and second base this game; the intensity was a bit much with parents standing and each pitch carrying a bit of extra weight. In the end, the girls walked away with a 8-2 win against what was considered the 2nd best Fenton team.

Unfortunately we do not have any inning by inning scores or positions for this game...


HLL Softball Game 4 - at Fenton 1

Jayden in the field at shortstop.

Another look at Jay at short.

Jay running in to cover the throw.

Jay ready to break her slump and go for a hit.

Jay swinging away.

Jay found herself on first base, but thanks to a walk.

Jay racing towards second on a steal.

Jay leaning as much as she can without leaving the base.

Jay going back to second base.

Jay playing in left field.

Jay creeping up in case her teammates need her help.

Jay moving in the field while playing shortstop once again.

Jay in position to field the ball.

Jay at bat during her final plate appearance.


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