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May 19th, 2017              

Game #6

AGS Middle School Field 5 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Holly 1 1 5 1 3       10
Fenton 2 5 0 0 1       6

Position Played:

SS   1st 2nd        
Today was an extremely windy day for a softball game. The wind had us wondering if the girls would be able to field any balls or hit for that matter. Neither team had lost any games so far this season, so it was important for Holly 1 to beat the last of the Fenton teams. Fenton took the field first, allowing us to score 1 run – we didn’t make it through many batters. Then it was our turn in the field. Jayden headed to short stop. She didn’t see much action until late in the inning when she caught a grounder and passed it off to the second base “lady” for the out. Fenton managed to take the lead 5-1 as we rounded out the first inning. Jay was third up to bat; she swung at one and managed to get a piece of the second. In the end, she was walked. At the end of the second, we were up 6-5; the game had been in play for just over an hour and we needed to build some speed. Coach put Jenna in to pitch and Jay sat this inning.

At the top of the third, Jay was second in line to bat and ended up getting hit with a pitch in her foot. With a dead ball called she took the base before managing to steal second and third. Although we hoped she could become the RBI for someone, it wasn’t meant to be. She returned to the field, this time at 1st base, a position she hadn’t played much until recently. There wasn’t too much action her way and the team shut out Fenton girls bringing the score to 7-5. With time quickly dwindling, our team managed to get some hits and Jay went back to 2nd base to round out the game. We gave up one run that inning, but scored three during our at-bats. The 10-6 victory kept the girls undefeated on the season with a 6-0 record! Go Holly!


HLL Softball Game 6 - at Fenton 2

Jayden at the plate in the first inning.

A closer look at Jay batting.

Jay running down to first base after a walk.

Jay on the base, watching the batter.

Jay running to second base...

...and touching the bag to complete the steal.

Jay racing to third base for another steal.

Jay watching the batter at home.

Jay taking a lead off of third base while keeping an eye on the ball.

Jay racing home to score a run.

Jay looking through the fence.

Jay at the plate for another at-bat.

Another look at Jay batting.

Jay was ready for a hit today...

...but wound up taking a pitch to the hip...

...before heading down to first base...

...and getting a five from her coach.

Jay in the field playing first base.


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