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June 22nd, 2017              

Playoff Game #2

KRC Field D 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th+ Final
Linden 3 2 0 0 3 4 0   9
Holly 1 0 5 0 0 3 0   8

-Position Played:

SS 3B SS 2B 2B 2B    
The Holly Purple girls began today's game with an undefeated record on the season. They would be facing off against the Linden 3 team for the Quad-Town Championship. The weather seemed to have other thoughts in mind this evening, as the game began with a 30 minute storm delay caused by thunder. Once the two teams finally managed to take the field, Linden got off to a quick start by scoring two runs on offense while  shutting Holly down with some good defense in the first inning. Jayden played both shortstop and third base early but had limited action come her way. Holly switched up their pitchers to start the second inning, and the decision paid off as they kept Linden off the board. They came out swinging in the bottom of the inning, coming from behind to grab a three run lead by the end of the frame. Jay went down swinging during her only at-bat this inning. She took her position as short stop in the third, managing to field a couple of balls. The good news was that the third inning ended without a run scored for either team. The bad news was that Holly's star pitcher hit her third batter of the game, causing Holly to search for a new pitcher for the rest of the game. Moving into the fourth, ominous clouds began to roll in, and as they were Holly had allowed Linden to know the game up at 5 runs apiece. Entering the 5th inning tied it seemed as though the umpires weren't doing the Holly girls any favors, and they seemed to lose a bit of confidence with their star pitcher on the mound. Linden managed to take the lead with four runs in the top of the inning. Holly got the last at-bats and managed to get runners on base, but the weather struck once again, causing the game to be called. The coaches agreed to return to the field again tomorrow, leaving us to finish the game at 6:30pm.

Returning to the field on Friday, we met Linden once again on our home field looking to make a comeback. We picked back up in the fifth inning. Holly squeezed in three runs, drawing to within one to make it a 9-8 game. They weren't able to score the tying run in the ninth, and the sixth and final inning would decide it for both teams. Holly took to the field and got some quality pitching and defense to keep Linden off the board, giving themselves a chance at victory. Holly put some runners on base, but Linden had some stellar defense themselves, and hung on to steal the undefeated season from Holly with a 9-8 win, handing Holly second place in the championship game.

All in all it was a great season and these girls played amazing! Way to go Holly Purple!


HLL Softball Playoff Game 2 - vs. Linden 3

Jayden in the field at shortstop.

Jay swinging for the fences!

Jay looking down as the ball skips past her.

Jay still looking for a pitch to hit.

Jay playing third base.

A closer look at Jay playing third base.

Jay back at the plate, giving it another go.

Jay thinking about a swing...

...but hopping out of the way as the ball bounces near her feet.

Jay still looking for that elusive hit...

...but missing once again.

Jay and her teammates lined up on the field.

Jay getting some hugs from two of the girls on her team.

A closer look at Jay being squeezed by Riley and Jenna.

One more shot of the team together.

The two teams in the pitcher's circle for the trophy presentation.

Jay shaking the hands of the Linden players as the hand her her trophy...



The Holly 1 Purple team posing with their Runners-Up trophies.

One last talk from the coach.

All hands in...

..."Go Holly"...


The girls surrounding Coach Beth as she receives her coaches gift.

Coach Beth was emotional when receiving her gift.

Jay and Jess signing the coaches gift.


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