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August 27th, 2017              

Game #3

Ultimate Soccer Arenas - Pontiac 1st Half 2nd Half Final
06 Liverpool FC 0       1 1
Midwest United 06 White 1 1 1    3
Last weekend Jayden and her Liverpool teammates traveled to the Grand Rapids area to play in the home team's Midwest United Cup. This weekend the Midwest United team traveled to take part in the inaugural Reds Invitational, hosted by several area Liverpool clubs. When these two clubs met last weekend it was our Liverpool girls who came out on top by a score of 5-0. This weekend hasn't gone in favor of the girls, however, and today would turn out to be no different.

The first half wasn't bad, as the two teams battled back and forth. Liverpool got on the board first, but for reasons unknown to me it was waved off (it was a kick off of a foul - perhaps it wasn't a direct kick? Offside? I'll never know). That gave the opposition hope, and they capitalized moments later, scoring the only goal of the half (that stood, anyway).

Going into the second half down a goal, the Liverpool girls knew that they would have to play strong in order to pull out a victory. It was Midwest United who managed to grab the next goal, though, as they would add on to their lead twice before Liverpool could finally answer with one of their own to make it a 3-1 game. It seemed as though the girls were poised to make a comeback, but they ran out of time while applying pressure before they could see it through. In the end, the girls suffered their third loss of the season in tough fashion.


Liverpool FC - Reds Invitational Game 3 - vs. Midwest United 06 White

Jayden attempting to get in position to interfere with the opposition's pass.

Jay getting physical while trying to knock the opposing player off of the ball.

Jay racing down the field with the ball while trying to get out on a breakaway.

Jay knocking the ball away from the United players.

Jay narrowly avoided taking this ball to the face... it bounced past her.

Jay on the bench while getting a breather.

Jay knocking the ball away once again.

Jay doing her best to chase down a bouncing ball.

Jay knocking the ball away...

...before trying to slow down the helping Midwest United player.

Jay chasing after the ball...

...and using her hands to help clear the way.

Jayden corralling a loose ball...

...and looking for a teammate to make a pass.

Jay trying to chase down the ball...

...but taking a healthy elbow in the back in the process...

...before being shoved to the ground...

...while trying to keep the tears at bay - all while not even drawing a foul!

Jay settling down the ball...

..and taking aim... get off a pass before the opposition closes in.

Jay taking a sideline throw-in...

...and sending the ball to an awaiting teammate.

Jay dribbling the ball away from a United player.


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