Game 4

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August 27th, 2017              

Game #4

Ultimate Soccer Arenas - Pontiac 1st Half 2nd Half Final
06 Liverpool FC 0 0 0
Liverpool FC MI 06 1 1 1 1 1 1 6
After three straight losses this weekend, the girls once again faced off against another Liverpool squad. They were tired by this point, and this game was made worse by the fact that their starting keeper went down with an injury, forcing a sub in that eliminated any extra players from their bench (they play 9v9, and only have 10 on the roster). The opposing team scored early and often, and the girls just weren't equipped to deal with it today. I think that by the time the final buzzer sounded they were more relieved than anything else, ready to move on to face some different competition once the regular season gets underway.


Liverpool FC - Reds Invitational Game 4 - vs. Liverpool FC MI 06

Jayden trying to chase down the ball while taking an arm to the back...

...before eventually being pushed just far enough away to prevent her from winning the battle.

Jay challenging for the ball...

...and knocking it away from the opposing player.

Jay taking a sideline throw-in.

Jay moving back to get into position on defense.

Jay kicking the ball ahead to a teammate.

Jay with another sideline throw-in...

...that sent the ball ahead to a teammate.

Jay on the ground after taking a pretty big elbow to the nose (and again, not foul call).

Jay reaching way back...

...and taking the sideline throw-in...

...that send the ball in to her teammates.

Jay going after the ball...

...and battling with an opposing player...

...and coming away with the ball.


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