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November 18th, 2017              

Although we didn't get much time to explore the city of Buffalo, New York, while we were in town for the Buffalo River Outdoor Classic, we still enjoyed what time we spent there. Obviously, most of our time was spent at the rink, which is located in the RiverWorks complex. This facility is a excellent reuse of some old industrial property, as the facility was created by repurposing some old warehouse buildings. They also have the first ever fully functioning brewery to be retrofitted into an existing grain silo. They made use of the remnants of some of the old buildings on site as well, turning them into some very interesting pieces of art. The hockey rinks are outdoors, though they are covered with a roof. There are no walls separating the rinks from the elements, providing a unique experience for the players.


RiverWorks - Buffalo, New York

The outside of the RiverWorks complex in an industrial area of Buffalo, New York.

A "Welcome to Buffalo, NY" sign on a torn down industrial building.

A giant fan inside the RiverWorks building.

A look at the main outdoor hockey rink at the RiverWorks complex.

A look down the Buffalo River with the hockey bleachers on the left.

Another view of the main hockey rink.

A look at the "practice" rink at the RiverWorks complex.

Another look at the practice rink, complete with curling lanes.

Another view of the main rink from upstairs.

A look at the stairs inside the main building.

Some of the old industrial equipment used as artwork outside the RiverWorks building.

The RiverWorks Hockey sign painted inside the building.

The tables inside the main building were made from reclaimed wood with industrial equipment as legs.

Part of the main building served as a roller derby track as well.

This buffalo was painted on the wall behind the stage.

On this particular occasion there were two inflatable's set up for the kids to enjoy.

What appeared to be a fairly new apartment building was across the river from the RiverWorks complex.

The view of the Buffalo River looking north from the RiverWorks complex.

Another view to the north.

These old industrial silos were repainted as a six pack of Labatt's Blue.

Drew standing outside along some more industrial relics repurposed into planters.

"Buffalo, New York: The city of good neighbors"

"A city that honors the past and rebuilds for the future"

Another look at the welcome to Buffalo sign.

Jayden sitting among the industrial ruins.

This area was set up much like a campfire, with the rusty steel pieces as the fire and the concrete set up as benches around the fire.

A look at some of the re-rod turned into artwork.

Some of the industrial buildings surrounding the area.

Another look at the Labatt's silos, which also appear to house a zip-line (though I wasn't able to confirm this).

On the side of the silos are some rock climbing pegs.

Another look at the silos.

One more view of the unused silos.

An industrial building across the street from the RiverWorks complex.

Another industrial building nearby.

The sign at the entrance to the RiverWorks complex.

We took a short drive from our hotel in a search for scotch tape (to hang signs on the players doors), and we saw some interesting architecture during that trip. Unfortunately, being in the car in heavy traffic made it difficult to take pictures, but I was able to snap a couple...


Sights from Buffalo, New York

An old building that appeared to have been repurposed into a hotel.

This is either the city or county building (I don't recall!).

Here are a few more photos from the RiverWorks complex during the night games that Drew and his FireCats teammates played in...


RiverWorks - Buffalo, New York

A look at the Labatt's Blue silos lit up at night.

The apartments across the street look nice at night.

A view of the city from the RiverWorks complex.

A look at the main rink at the RiverWorks complex.


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