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December 30th, 2017            

After Drew's hockey game this morning, Tara, Drew, Jayden, and I headed off to downtown Detroit to eat lunch at Wahlburgers in Greektown before walking to Campus Martius Park to let the kids do some ice skating on "The Rink at Campus Martius Park". Although it was a frigid Michigan day, the kids were still able to have fun (Tara & I were practically frozen solid, however!). This is definitely something I could see doing again as a family!


Campus Martius Park

A "City of Detroit Michigan" seal on a building where we parked.

A view of the Detroit skyline during our walk to Campus Martius.

A view of the Renaissance Center from during our walk to the park.

A cool billboard spotted during our walk.

Detroit's Christmas tree over the fountain.

A pigeon looking for some food in the snow.

Another look at the pigeon.

The top of the Guardian Building from Campus Martius.

Drew making his way around the rink.

Jayden feeling her way around while getting used to being back on skates.

A look at the rink with the buildings of Detroit in the background.

Drew skating around the rink once more.

Drew coming to a stop at the edge of the rink.

Jay making the circle another time.

Drew weaving through the crowds.

Jay making her way through the people.

Jay coming towards the boards...

...with a big smile on her face!

Another look of Jay going around the rink.

A look at the tree behind the rink.

This interesting fellow showed up at the rink...

Another look at Detroit's Christmas tree.

Jay and Drew going for a ride in a '58 Cadillac (Drew was uncomfortable with having to crouch down so low).

Tara, Drew, and Jay strolling through the "shopping district".

Jay as an elf...

...and a figure skater.

Drew and Jay going for a sleigh ride!


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