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April 15th, 2017              

As is our routine due to our normally busy schedule, we wound up dying our Easter eggs late on Saturday night. Tyler opted not to dye eggs this year, but he was at the table while Samantha, Drew, and Jayden all took part. I have posted a few pictures of the activity below...


Easter Egg Dying

Jayden dying one of her eggs.

Samantha was thrilled to have her picture taken.

Sam, Jay, and Drew all taking their turns with the various egg colors.

April 16th, 2017              


The kids were eggs-cited to wake up on Easter morning to find that their baskets were filled with candy and goodies. Each of them got something that they wanted along with some candy that they weren't too eager to share with their parents! Enjoy the pictures below from Easter morning!


Easter Morning

Drew, Tyler, Samantha, and Jayden posing with their baskets on Easter morning.

Jayden showing off her bag of Reese's candy.

Drew got an egg with a "Prize Inside" - a Netflix membership.

Tyler got a new wallet to replace his old lost one - along with some money inside.

Drew showing off his bag of Andes mints.

Sam was excited with her Sephora gift card.

Sam checking out her beg of candy...

...while Tyler was busy enjoying his chocolate Easter bunny!


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