Freedom Festival Parade

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July 4th, 2017            

For the first time since 2014 we were able to attend Fenton's Freedom Festival parade as a family. We took over a spot on the curb near where we used to typically sit, prepared to enjoy the show. Although things progressed as planned, the parade was a bit of a let-down to us when compared to past years, though neither Tara or I were able to put our finger on the reason why we felt that way. Once the parade was over we headed over to the local bank, where they were passing out free root beer floats, which the kids were ready for after sitting in the sun for the previous two-plus hours!


Fenton Freedom Festival Parade

A Chevrolet Camaro that would look nice in our driveway.

Mr. Hungry Howie!

A unicyclist riding the parade route.

A patriotic horse.

The truck from the Fenton Fire Hall restaurant was running a little warm today...

Not your Grandma's vacation bible school!

Tyler would like to own a Jeep like this one...

...and/or a Corvair like this one.

A nice old pickup in the parade.

"Somewhere over the rainbow..." we saw Dorothy and Toto.

The young man was "walking" like this along the route.

Drew decided that we should have one of these for our family.

The Flint Firebird!

Several firemen braved the heat in full gear today.

Drew found Caden, a former hockey teammate, and his family at the parade.

An old fire truck that was in the parade.


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