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January 21st, 2017              

Our family traveled south to Florida once again, this time to help my Grandma Parrott celebrate her 90th birthday! Although it was a quick and busy weekend for us, it was great to be able to share such a special milestone with her and our family! Happy birthday Grandma!


Great-Grandma Parrott's 90th Birthday Party

A look at one of Great-Grandma Beulah's birthday cakes before the party started.

Beulah's great-grandson Parker and his mother, Kristen.

A look at the cake table.

Great-Grandma posing with her cakes.

Another picture of Great-Grandma posing with her cakes.

Beulah greeting some of the attendees at her party.

My Aunt Connie posing for a picture with Tyler.

Samantha, Steven, Tyler, and Donovan in the crowd of people helping Great-Grandma celebrate.

Mo, Meghan, and Chris talking.

Tara and Jayden at the party.

Grandpa Gary entertaining one of Great-Grandma's guests.

Erica talking at the party.

Grandpa Gary in a crowd of party-goers.

All of the grandchildren in attendance today, from the left: Tim, Meghan, Erica, Rodney, Chris, Shelly, and Dana.

Another look at the grandkids, this time acting silly.

Great-Grandma with her children, Steven, Julie, Dennis, Connie, Sherry, and Terry.

Even the kids act silly from time to time!

Another silly shot of Great-Grandma and her children.

Great-Grandma's kids and their spouses: Steve, Julie & Terry, Dennis & Karen, Connie & Randy, Sherry & Tim, and Terry & Gary.

Great-Grandma with (most of) her grandchildren who were in attendance: Tim, Rodney, Meghan, Erica, Chris, and Dana.

Four generations standing together: Tyler (#4), Terry (#2), Beulah (#1), and Rodney (#3).

Another picture of Tyler, Rodney, Terry, and Great-Grandma Parrott.

All of the great-grandchildren in attendance today: Tyler, Marissa, and Donovan in the back row, Samantha, Jayden, Logan, Lane, and Drew in the middle row, and Jacob and Parker (in Great-Grandma's lap).

Another picture of the great-grandkids.

Great-Grandma with all her grandchildren who were in attendance: Rodney, Meghan, Erica, Tim, Shelly, Chris, and Dana.

Drew trying out Lane's hoverboard during a break in the picture taking.


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