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July 29th, 2017            

On a nice Saturday afternoon Tara decided that it was a perfect day to take a family trip to Harsens Island, where she spent a lot of summers in her youth at her family's cottage. After some uncertainty we were able to find the cottage (which looks different now). We drove around the island for a while, watching as the freighters cruised by. We stopped for dinner at the San Souci Bar, where Tara & I enjoyed a wonderful perch meal.


Harsens Island

Samantha, Drew, Tara, and Jayden walking along the road to look at the cottages.

A couple of cottages across the marsh.

A closer look at the old family cottage.

Some nearby cottages.

A few old boats in the reeds.

Some more cottages.

Another look at the marsh area.

Yet another look across the marsh.

Another of the old family cottages.

A ramp leading across the marsh.

A freighter passing through the channel behind the grass.

Drew, Jayden, and Samantha swinging on a swing set at the old school house.

A cool boat dock set up on one of the channels.

This house on the island was on the market for $1.8 million dollars.

This cool log "cabin" was next door to the house above.

A closer look at the stained glass windows on the log cabin house.

A boat passing through the channel.

Drew, Tara, Samantha, and Jayden at the San Souci Bar, waiting for dinner.

A freighter passing through the channel.

Another freighter.

A look down the channel as the freighter heads south.

The car ferry heading towards the island.

A look at the water surrounding the island.

A closer look at the car ferry.

Jay outside the car on the ferry.

Jay and Drew at the front of the ferry.

Jay and Drew looking out at the water.

One of the car ferries at the dock.

Tara, Sam, and Rod in the car on the ferry.

Another shot of the three in the car.

One more!

A boat going across the water.


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