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November 19th, 2017            

Since we were going through town on our way back from Drew's hockey tournament in Buffalo, New York, we decided to stop and check out the American and Niagara Falls. It was a little chilly, and the sky was quite gray, but that did little to diminish the beauty of the sights...


Sights from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

A police building located near the falls.

A Christmas decoration outside the police station.

Another look at the police building.

A view of the American Falls from Canada.

Drew, Tara, and Jayden in front of the American Falls.

The Horseshoe Falls.

The Skylon Tower above the trees.

A seagull perched on the rails in front of the Horseshoe Falls.

Jayden standing with the seagull.

Drew with the seagull.

A close-up of the seagull (and no, this wasn't zoomed in - you really could get this close to it).

One last view of the seagull in front of the Horseshoe Falls.

Another look at the mist climbing from the Horseshoe Falls.

Tara and Rodney in front of the Horseshoe Falls.

Tara and Rod recreating a cold weather version of this photo from 2015!

Another view of Horseshoe Falls.

And one more, this time with the sun trying to peak out a little bit.

Looking down the Niagara River towards the Rainbow Bridge.

A look at the old power building.

A look down into the gorge of the Niagara River.

Looking at the Niagara Falls Funiculars near the Horseshoe Falls.

Some of the falls view hotels.

Jay, Tara, and Drew inside the visitors center.

A look at the water running over the edge of the Horseshoe Falls.

A couple more looks at the Horseshoe Falls...

The Ferris Wheel located in Niagara Falls.

The Rainbow Bridge between the United States and Canada.

One of Niagara Falls many hotels.

The top of the Skylon Tower.

The rock being eroded by the power of the falls.

If I didn't know better, this could be our little friend from our last visit!


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