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April 23rd, 2017              

We woke up this morning and made the drive south into Detroit for the "Designing Detroit - Launch Party + Book Signing & Guardian Tour" hosted by Pure Detroit. Drew and I have been on a couple of these tours and really enjoyed it, but the rest of the family hadn't been able to join us until today. This tour was a little different than the ones we've taken in the past, as it involved a book signing and speech by the books author, as well as a trip to the top of the building. All in all this was a great experience, even if we didn't end up purchasing the book.


Guardian Building Tour

The mural in the bank lobby of the Guardian Building was painted by Traverse City muralist Ezra Winter. The mural features a Native American princess and celebrates Michigan's industry, agriculture and prosperity at the time the building was erected.

These colored glass pieces were added in the 50's (I believe) to make the lobby easier to keep cool with the addition of air conditioning.

A look up at the skylights in the bank lobby.

Looking towards the building lobby with the Tiffany clock separating the two main spaces.

A closer look at the Tiffany clock.

Tyler, Tara, Jayden, Samantha, and Sam's friend Mariah waiting for the speech from the book's author to begin.

Jay wasn't too impressed with me taking her picture.

One of the angelic figures in the elevator lobby.

The lights in the elevator lobby.

The signs for the elevators are stained glass and backlit.

Looking up at the Guardian Building while on Congress Street...

...and then on Griswold Street.

The main entrance archway from Griswold Street.

Looking up at the main building lobby.

Looking towards the bank lobby from the main building lobby.

The banks credo is displayed above the security desk in the main building lobby.

In the basement of the building is what appears to be personal safe-deposit boxes.

Some more of the boxes from the previous picture.

A look out at the Detroit River and Canada from the 32nd floor of the Guardian Building.

Looking out at the One Woodward building, designed by Minoru Yamasaki, who would later design the World Trade Center in New York City.

Looking down at the Spirit of Detroit statue outside of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.

A few more looks at the Detroit skyline...


An old car spotted by Tyler and Drew from 32 floors up!


After the tour ended we headed out into the city to do some exploring. We were all pretty hungry, so we decided to make our first stop the Shake Shake on Woodward Avenue (it was decent food, but not something I'd ever have to rush right back for). We wanted to do some more exploring, but Tara's back started giving her trouble, so we cut our visit short and headed home. Once the weather stops giving us so many cold days we will definitely be back to do some more sightseeing...


City Walk

One of the new Q-Line trains being tested in the city.

Jayden, Tara, Drew, Tyler, Samantha, and Sam's friend Mariah waiting for their food at the downtown Shake Shack location.

A look out towards the Chase Tower and Campus Martius park.

Jay and Drew enjoying one of the benches in the lobby of the First National Building.

The Michigan Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Campus Martius.

Sam watching Jay and Drew in the rolling chairs outside of the Chase Tower...


Tyler waiting for his turn as Sam and Drew use the chairs...


Tyler taking a spin while Sam tries to convince her friend Mariah to give it a shot...


Looking across Woodward Avenue towards the Shake Shack.


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