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October 9th, 2018              

Game #12

Oscar Cooler Park Stadium - Lutz 1st Half 2nd Half Final
00/01/02 FC Sarasota 1 1 1 1 1 1   1 7
Tampa Lady Rangers 0            1  1


Samantha and her FC Sarasota teammates had an unusual weeknight game tonight, as they had to travel to the Tampa area to take on the Lady Rangers. The Sarasota girls would score early to grab a 1-0 lead, and this game looked as though it might be a blowout. The Rangers goalkeeper didn't let the early goal get her down though, as she came up with some big saves to keep her team in it as they struggled to create offense. Despite pounding the goalie with shots, the Sarasota girls would go into halftime only up by a 1-0 margin.

The Sarasota squad kept up their attack in the second half, only now they were making their shots count. They would score on their first two shots, giving them a 3-0 lead. They would keep attacking, adding on more goals as time passed. They would have a 6-0 lead when their 4+ game shutout streak would come to an end, as the Rangers finally snuck a shot past a Sarasota keeper. Sarasota would answer back with a goal off of a header a short time later, though, and they would be how the game would end, with a 7-1 FC victory.


FC Sarasota Game #12 - at Tampa Lady Rangers

Samantha looking back to her teammates during a break in the action.

Sam getting a pass off before the opposition closed in.

Sam doing her best to settle the ball down in front of the Lady Rangers net.

Sam looking at the ball after heading it.

Sam fighting off a Rangers player while controlling the ball.

Sam and her teammates forming a wall in front of a direct kick.

Sam doing her best to get the ball, but the keeper snagged it first.

Sam lining up a corner kick...

...and making contact...

...and watching the ball sail towards the net.

Sam passing the ball back to a teammate.

Sam heading the ball once again.

Sam watching the ball come down after a high kick.

Sam looking to make a pass.

Sam passing the ball across to a teammate.


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