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September 9th, 2018              

Game #7

Polk State College - Winter Haven 1st Half 2nd Half Final
00/01/02 FC Sarasota 0 1 1 1 3
WHYSA Kicks 2001 1 0 1


Samantha and her FC Sarasota teammates traveled to Winter Haven to take on the WHYSA Kicks 2001 team. The last time the FCS girls took on a WHYSA team, the contest was a very physical affair, but playing against a different team led to a different type of game. Unfortunately for the FCS girls, it wasn't exactly a good start, as they appeared to have their heads on a different field throughout the first half. WHYSA scored on only their second kick of the game. The FCS keeper got her hands on the ball, but the shot deflected up and into the net behind her. Thankfully the FCS girls settled down defensively, and only gave up one additional shot on goal for the remainder of the half. Even through the Sarasota girls would dominate the shot edge in the first half, the 1-0 score would hold until the halftime whistle.

Thankfully the FC Sarasota team came out with a bit more energy to start the second half, and they too would score on their second shot on goal of half, knotting the game up at 1-1. They would score again moments later, on their second shot, as the FCS player took on four defenders and was able to tap the ball behind the challenging goalkeeper. They would tack on a third goal shortly after 15 minutes had expired in the half, widening their lead to 3-1. That would be all the scoring they would need, and all that would occur, as FC Sarasota would hold the WHYSA team off the board, securing the victory. 


FC Sarasota Game #7 - at WHYSA Kicks 2001

Samantha looking back as the ball glances off her leg.

Sam settling down a bouncing ball.

Sam getting off a pass as a WHYSA player closes in.

Sam getting ready to kick the ball towards the goal.

Sam battling for defensive position on a corner kick...

...and heading the ball away from the goal.

Sam watching the ball come down to her...

...before getting a foot on it.

Sam going after the ball.

Sam taking a corner kick...

...and sending the ball towards the goal...

...watching the ball soar.

Samantha lining up the ball...

...and taking aim...

...and sending the ball forward.

Sam taking aim at the ball...

...and winding up...

...and making the kick...

...and watching as the pass sails ahead to a teammate.

Sam getting ready to pass ahead to a teammate.

Sam looking up the field while dribbling the ball.

Samantha lining up another corner kick...

...and kicking the ball...

...and sending it on goal.


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