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June 11th, 2018            

The 2018 Holly Bronchos girls soccer program held their end of the year banquet at Bakers of Milford tonight. I wasn't able to attend this year, as I was chaperoning Jayden's class camping trip. I have to thank Grandma Terry for going in my place and taking pictures for me.


2018 Holly Bronchos Soccer Team Banquet

Coach Gregory giving a speech to kick off the evening's events.

Samantha listening as the coach talks about her.

Sam and her teammate Paige.

Paige, Sam, and Victoria.

Paige, Sam, Victoria, Lexie, and Payton.

Another picture of Paige and Sam.

Samantha posing for a picture with her teammate Maya.

Sam with her friends and teammates, Mariah, Lexie, and Maya.

Another picture of Mariah, Lexie, Maya, and Sam.

Another picture of Maya and Samantha.

The HHS Juniors - Mariah, Maya, Lalli, Sam, Payton, and Lexie.

The Juniors joined by the Seniors - Paige, Mariah, Maya, Lalli, Sam, Payton, Lexie, and Victoria.


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