Storm Game 7

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February 25th, 2018              

Game #7

Soccer Zone - Grand Blanc Game Final
Holly Storm     1       1      2
Martians Blue 1 1   1 1 1   1 1 7


After suffering a narrow defeat to the Martians team while playing in her game for the Lightning, it was time for the Storm team to face off against the other Martians team, this time the Blue squad. Unfortunately this game didn't go quite as well, though the end result for each was a loss. This game wasn't quite as close as the first, as the Martians got on the board first, scoring twice before the Storm could answer. Three more Martians goals widened the lead even further, before the Storm girls could come up with another answer. Two more Martians goals concluded the scoring, making it a 7-2 loss for the Storm.


Holly Storm Game #7 - at Martians Blue

Samantha colliding with a Martians player.

Sam using her body to shield the ball...

...before kicking it down the field.

Sam lining up a direct kick...

...and booting the ball...

...and sending it down the field to her teammates.

Sam jumping up to deflect a Martians pass.

Sam getting a foot out...

...and deflecting a Martians shot attempt.

Sam looking back towards the ball.

Sam stepping up on defense...

...and just getting out of the way of the kick.

Sam lining up another direct kick...

...and preparing to make contact with the ball...

...then sending it towards the goal...

...and watching to see where it went.


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