Thunder Game 3

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January 28th, 2018              

Game #3

Soccer Zone - Grand Blanc Game Final
Holly Thunder   1   1   1 1 1 1 1 1 1   1 1 11
SZ Ballers HSG 1   1   1                  1      4


Samantha took to the field with the Holly Thunder girls as they faced off against the SZ Ballers. The game saw a lot of goals scored early, with the two teams going back and forth. After the Thunder tied it up at 3-3 at the 29 minute mark, they began to dominate the game, with 6 unanswered goals before the Ballers were able to find the back of the net again. That would be the only other goal Holly would allow, as they would tack on two additional goals to take an 11-4 victory. Sam did her part tonight with some good defense, and helped out on the offensive side with two goals of her own.


Holly Thunder Game #3 - at SZ Ballers HSG

Samantha dribbling the ball through the middle of the field.

Sam doing her best to avoid being pinned against the wall.

Sam kicking the ball from deep in the Holly defensive zone.

Sam lining up a pass to a teammate.

Sam eyeing a pass...

...and sending the ball ahead.

Sam dribbling the ball up the field.

Sam settling the ball down.

Sam making a pass through the middle.

Sam in a battle along the wall.

Sam toeing the ball ahead...

...and watching her pass.

Sam lining up a shot from deep...

...and sending the ball flying.


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