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February 11th, 2018              

Game #5

Soccer Zone - Grand Blanc Game Final
Holly Thunder 1 1 1 1 4
Dragons FC 1 1 1 1 1 5


Samantha took to the field at the same time that I was in Canton for Drew's hockey game, so I was unable to be there for pictures tonight. Thankfully Jayden stepped up to the plate to help out, and shot these photos for me. Unfortunately, I wasn't there when Sam took a ball to the nose from about three feet away, and feared she may have broken her nose once again. Thankfully we later found out it wasn't broken, but better safe than sorry. Because of the injury, she wouldn't play in the other two games scheduled for tonight.


Holly Thunder Game #5 - vs. Dragons FC

Samantha going back to help the defense.

Sam with her back to the ball during a direct kick.

Sam turning the ball around near the sideline.

Sam dribbling the ball near the offensive zone line.

Sam dribbling up the ball...

...and lining up a shot...

...and sending it towards the goal.

Sam dribbling away from an opposing player.

Sam controlling the ball with her right foot.

Sam dribbling along the boards...

...while looking to make a pass.

Sam lining up a kick on goal.

Sam moving up on a penalty kick...

...and dribbling ahead...

...while nearing the goal...

...and eventually running into her friend (and opposing goalkeeper) Marissa.

Sam with another shot on goal.

Sam dribbling through midfield.

Sam looking to make a pass.


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