Thunder Game 7

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February 25th, 2018              

Game #7

Soccer Zone - Grand Blanc Game Final
Holly Thunder 1 1 1 1   1 1 1 1 1    9
SZ Ballers HSG            1             1 2


Samantha and her Holly Thunder teammates took on the SZ Ballers tonight, coming away with a 9-2 victory. Holly put the Ballers in a 4-0 deficit before they were able to answer back. The Thunder team answered right back with 5 more goals to grab a big lead, big enough that the final Ballers goal wasn't enough to make a difference in the game's outcome. Way to go Thunder!


Holly Thunder Game #7 - vs. SZ Ballers HSG

Samantha passing the ball ahead to a teammate.

Sam going after a loose ball...

...and changing direction...

...before making a move around the defender.

Sam doing her best to play the ball against the wall.

Sam on the ground after taking a bump but not getting the call.

Sam poking the ball past an onrushing Ballers player.

Sam with the ball along the wall...

...and lining up a kick...

...and sending it flying...

...before watching it head towards the net.


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