Game 3

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January 20th, 2018              

Game #3

Oakland University Dome - Auburn Hills 1st Half 2nd Half Final
00/01 Liverpool FC     3
Nationals Union 00 Red     0


I didn't get to see tonight's contest, so I don't have much of a commentary to add. I do know that the Liverpool team played well, and took the contest by a 3-0 score.


00/01 Liverpool FC Game 3 - vs. Nationals Union 00 Red

Samantha lining up a pass...

...and kicking the ball back to one of her teammates.

Sam settling down a bouncing ball.

Sam watching the action from midfield.

Sam running towards the play.

Sam passing ahead to a teammate.

Sam looking at the ball in front of her.

Sam doing her best to steal the ball from a Nationals player.


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