Game 5

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February 24th, 2018              

Game #5

Evolution Sportsplex - Pontiac 1st Half 2nd Half Final
00/01 Liverpool FC 1 0 1
Taylor SC Green 0 1 1


Samantha and her Liverpool teammates took on the Taylor SC in what was their final scheduled game of the season tonight, and the two teams battled back and forth. It was Liverpool who got on the board first, scoring the lone goal of the first half to grab the 1-0 lead. Unfortunately they were unable to hang on to that lead in the second half, as Taylor would know things up at 1 goal apiece. That would end up being all for the scoring, though, as the game would end in a draw.


00/01 Liverpool FC Game 5 - vs. Taylor SC Green

Samantha dribbling the ball up the field while looking for an open teammate.

Sam keeping her eyes up while dribbling the ball.

Sam passing the ball ahead before a Taylor player can get to it.

Sam watching after deflecting the ball.

Sam pressuring the ball as a Taylor player tries to get past her.


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