Game 3

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January 20th, 2018              

Game #3

Oakland University Dome - Auburn Hills 1st Half 2nd Half Final
99/00 Liverpool FC 0 0 0
Michigan Lightning 0 0 0


This game was a disappointment from the Liverpool side, as only six girls were present at the start of the game. Unfortunately seven are needed to play, so the girls were forced to forfeit. Sam arrived late, but she was one of the girls not scheduled to play in the game. The two teams decided to play anyway, with some members of the Liverpool boys team helping out the girls. Officially this went in the books as a 1-0 loss for Liverpool, in reality the two teams played to a 0-0 draw.


99/00 Liverpool FC Game 3 - vs. Michigan Lightning

Samantha surveying the field...

...and passing ahead to a teammate.

Sam passing across to another teammate.

Sam lining up a kick...

...and taking aim at the ball...

...and sending it down the field.

Sam taking a sideline throw in.

Sam hustling back on defense to knock the ball away from a Lightning player.

Sam kicking the ball...

...and watching as it flies down the field.


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