Game 4

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February 3rd, 2018              

Game #4

Evolution Sportsplex - Pontiac 1st Half 2nd Half Final
99/00 Liverpool FC   1 0 1
Michigan Lightning 1   1 2


After missing the morning game (and the past few days of school) after battling with a bout of the flu, Samantha decided to try to play in tonight's contest on the field. Although she didn't play her best, she wasn't a liability on the field either.

The Liverpool girls fell behind early in the first half, but they never gave up, and kept attacking and earning the better looks throughout the half. Although it came late, they managed to tie things up before halftime, and went into the break to with the momentum. Unfortunately they weren't able to score again to grab the lead for themselves, and would wind up giving up a goal later in the second half to fall behind 2-1. That would be the way the game would end, handing the Liverpool girls their second loss of the indoor season.


99/00 Liverpool FC Game 4 - vs. Michigan Lightning

Samantha knocking the ball away from a Lightning player.

Sam chasing after the ball while holding off an oncoming player.

Sam dribbling the ball while surveying the field.

Sam nearing a lighting player...

...and making a move to get past.

Sam knocking the ball away...

...and avoiding a collision.

Sam looking ahead after heading the ball.


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