Game 3

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November 17th, 2018              

Game #3

Venice Area Youth Soccer ASC - Venice 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Venice Indians 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 8
Estero Wildcats 0 0 0


As the score would indicate, today's contest was dominated by the Venice Indians. They would score early and often, all while holding the Estero Wildcats to only 5 shots on goal. At the opposite end, the Venice girls would get their first goal of the game on only their second shot, and would go on to add another before the first water break. They would once again score on their second shot coming out of the break, making it a 3-0 game, which would wind up 4-0 with another goal scored just before halftime.

The second half continued the same pattern, as the Indians would score on their second shot of the half before adding another goal before the water break and following that up with a goal on their second shot coming out of the break, and they would add one last goal, causing the game to end in an 8-0 shutout. Way to go girls!


Venice Indians Game #3 - vs. Estero Wildcats

Samantha keeping her eye on the loose ball.

Sam calling to her teammates while dribbling the ball...

...and then passing across.

Sam going after the ball...

...and meeting a Wildcats player at the same time.

Sam going after the ball...

...and getting in front of the Wildcats player.

Sam staying close to the Wildcats player in her area.

A close-up of Sam on the field.

Sam taking the ball in front of the Indians net.

Sam deciding where to send the ball on the sideline throw-in...

...and winding up...

...and sending the ball on to the field.

Sam watching the ball after a pass ahead.

Sam preparing for another sideline throw-in.


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