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January 31st, 2018              

Game #4

Holly Middle School 1st 2nd 3rd 4th / Final
Holly 6 13 20 35
Lapeer (Lightning) 2 10 21 23


Drew and his Holly Bronchos teammates took on the Lapeer Lightning team at home today, in game number four of the season (although game three was postponed - I just prefer not to renumber all of the sheets that use the game numbers). Watching the Lapeer boys warm up it seemed as though this was going to be a tough contest for Holly, as the Lapeer team was quite tall and shot the ball well. Once the game got underway, things didn't turn out how I had envisioned - Holly was the one that was able to dominate the action on the court. They even managed to grab their first lead of the season! The majority of the game was close, with Holly maintaining their lead through the majority of the contest, but still finding themselves down by 1 after the third quarter. The Bronchos would dominate the final 8 minutes of action, outscoring Lapeer 15-2 to earn their first victory of the season!

Drew had a rough week leading up to this game, missing school and practices thanks to a bout of the flu. I fully expected him to sit out the entire contest, but he actually got on the court for the final 3:06 of the first half. His only mark on the stat sheet was a single rebound, but he made his effort count on the defensive end.

Here's hoping this victory is just a start for the team, leading to bigger victories in the future!


Holly Middle School 7th Grade Game #4 - vs. Lapeer Middle School (Lightning)

Drew and his Holly Bronchos teammates standing for the national anthem.

Drew lined up on the blocks during a Lapeer free throw attempt.

Drew going up for a rebound.

Drew looking to make a pass after snaring a rebound.

Drew jumping up for a rebound attempt.

Drew in the air searching for a rebound after a missed Lapeer free throw.


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