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January 11th, 2017              

Game #16

Novi Ice Arena - Novi 1st 2nd 3rd Final
Novi FireCats 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 5
Plymouth Stingrays 1 1 1 0 3


Drew and his Novi FireCats teammates took to the ice for the final regular season game of the season tonight, taking on the Plymouth Stingrays at home. Although the boys were fired up and ready to play, it seemed as though they weren't just playing against the Stingrays - the referees seemed to have it our for them as well.

Plymouth scored first, getting on the board just before the halfway mark of the period. They would open the lead further with a breakaway goal just 19 seconds later. It was at this point that things headed south for the FireCats, as the referees began calling penalty after penalty on them, most of which were very iffy calls. At one point the FireCats had three players in the box at the same time. Somehow they killed off the penalties and hung on to stay within two goals after the end of the period.

Despite trying to climb back in to the game, it was Plymouth scoring the first goal of the period, just 2:40 in. The FireCats tightened up the defense for the rest of the period, holding Plymouth at bay. After killing off yet another penalty, the second period would come to an end with the FireCats trailing by three.

It didn't take long in the third for the FireCats hard work to finally pay off, scoring their first goal of the game just under three minutes in. The FireCats finally got a break with the whistle, as they would score a power play goal less than 20 seconds after their first goal, narrowing the gap to 3-2. After killing off another penalty, the FireCats would once again find themselves on a power play. They would take advantage of having an extra man on the ice, scoring the game at 3 each just past the midway point of the period. Time kept ticking, and the FireCats kept attacking. They would grab their first goal of the game with a big slap shot goal with just two minutes remaining. After pulling the goalie, the Stingrays would end up taking a penalty that negated their advantage. They kept the goalie off the ice, and that gave the FireCats the opportunity they would need to ice away the game with an empty net goal.

What a comeback tonight for the FireCats! Trailing 3-0 with time ticking off the clock in the final period, they would score five unanswered goals to walk away with a 5-3 victory! Way to go FireCats!


Novi FireCats Game #16 - vs. Plymouth Stingrays

Drew and the Novi FireCats gathered around their goalie prior to the start of the game.

Drew forcing a Plymouth player wide of the goal on a near breakaway...

...and forcing him off the puck in the corner.

Drew moving the puck along the boards.

Drew keeping an eye on the action in front of him.

Drew moving in to keep a Plymouth player from getting to the puck.

Drew settling down the puck...

...and firing a shot that nearly snuck through.

Drew pinching in to make a play on the puck.

Drew racing down the ice after the puck.

Drew keeping an eye on the area in front of the crease.

Drew lined up in his defensive position during a faceoff.

Drew playing the puck along the boards.

Drew making sure no one gets to close to the net.

Drew watching as the play approaches...

...and then stepping up...

...and knocking the puck away.

The final score, after an epic comeback, resulted in a 5-3 win as the FireCats wound down their regular season.

Drew and the FireCats players storming the goalie.

Another group shot mobbing the goalie.

Drew and the rest of the FireCats going through the postgame handshake line.

A closer look at Drew as he passes the Plymouth goalie.


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