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February 5th, 2018              


LCAHL Playoff Game #2

Arctic Edge Canton - Canton 1st 2nd 3rd Final
Novi FireCats 0 1 1 1 1 1    5
Canton Victory Honda 1 1 0         1 3


Tonight was LCAHL playoff game number two for Drew and his Novi FireCats teammates, as they travelled to Canton to take on the Victory Honda team. The game got off to a slow start for the Novi players, as they found themselves down early after giving up a rebound goal less than five minutes in. Thankfully the boys settled down a bit after that, and began to generate some scoring chances of their own after allowing the Victory Honda team to dominate play early.  Novi wasn't able to capitalize on any of the looks, though, and with only 12.5 seconds on the clock Victory Honda banged in a shot off the post to grab a two goal lead that they would easily hold until the period came to an end.

Down 2-0, the Novi boys had some work to do to dig out of the hole that they dug for themselves. Thankfully they started digging early, scoring off a wrist shot after a faceoff win less than three minutes in. They took advantage of a power play to tie the game at 2-2 with just under six minutes to go. They appeared to score the go-ahead goal in the period as well, but the ref waived it off, saying it hit the post. I thought it may have gone in (I didn't hear the usual 'ping' off the post), but I thought the call could have gone either way, and unfortunately it went against the FireCats. Although they weren't in the lead, at least they fought back to tie things up at two goals apiece heading into the final intermission.

Novi carried their momentum into the final fifteen minutes of action, and officially grabbed the lead with a beautiful wrap-around goal at the ten minute mark. Novi expanded their lead later with a second power play goal, on another play that was a near wrap-around (the scorer was behind the net, put on a fake as he skated out, and then shot the puck in for the goal). Less than a minute later Novi widened their lead to three goals with their third power play goal of the game, this time on a breakaway. As time began to slip away, the Victory Honda team pulled their goalie for an extra attacker. Even though the FireCats were able to hold them off for a while, they eventually surrendered a goal with the extra man on the ice. Victory Honda had narrowed the gap to 5-3, but the Novi boys would stand up on defense from that point on. Following a late game faceoff, a count of the players on the ice for Victory Honda stood at 7, one above what should have been allowed. Thankfully no harm was done, and the FireCats skated off with the victory. Go FireCats!


Novi FireCats LCAHL Playoff Game #2 - at Canton Victory Honda

Drew on the ice playing defense for the games opening faceoff.

Drew protecting the area in front of the crease...

...and using his arm to make sure the Victory Honda player stays out of the way.

Drew making sure he isn't ran into at center ice.

Drew looking for the pass following a faceoff.

Drew clearing the puck along the boards from behind the net.

Drew getting his stick in the shooting lane.

Drew protecting the crease during a faceoff.

Drew stepping up to keep the puck in the offensive zone.

Drew carrying the puck into the zone...

...and working his way wide to make a pass.

Drew playing the puck along the boards.

Drew playing the puck at center ice as a Victory Honda player closes in.

Drew reaching back...

...and lifting the stick of the Victory Honda player to allow his teammate to go and gather in the puck.

Drew pressuring an attacking player.

Drew moving the puck along the glass.

Drew and his Novi FireCats in the postgame handshake line.


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