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December 3rd, 2018            

Jayden's 12th Birthday Celebration - it's hard to believe our baby, the youngest of this family, is quickly approaching her teen years. She's rounding out 2018 as the last one to turn 12 in our fun family of four! She's adjusted well to living in Florida; learning to make new friends and manage life as a sixth grader. We're blessed to have her as our youngest and we look forward to what 2019 will bring for this young lady.


Birthday Cake at Home

Jayden opening a gift from Grandma Gail and Papa.

Jay busting open the box.

How many times did you wrap this, Grandma Gail?

Shel Silverstein books!

Jay reading the book covers to see what the books are about.

Jay showing off the books.

She also got a gift card! Yeah!!

Thanks Grandma Gail and Papa! This gift was awesome!

Jayden's annual birthday cake - lemon cake with raspberry frosting. Yummy!

In the move we happened to get rid of birthday candles, so we improvised with a candle from Sam's room.


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