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December 1st, 2018            

Today, we made the drive over to Lakeland to celebrate Jayden's 12th birthday. She agreed to go to Urban Air Adventure Park with Savannah, Samantha, Drew, and Sam's boyfriend Derek. The kids had an amazing time!


Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Jayden suspended on the Sky Rider Coaster.

A shot of Jay flying through the track.

Savannah ready to take off.

Savannah suspended on the Sky Rider Coaster.

Samantha confirming she was tall enough to participate in the activities.

Sam making her way across the Warrior Course...

...but she didn't quite make it, landing in the ball pit below.

Sam making her way out of the ball pit.

Derek didn't make it across the Warrior Course either, and Sam thought it was funny!

Jayden and Savannah on the trampolines.

Drew and Sam jousting, both determined to beat each other.

Sam looks as though she was making progress.

The two of them took a step back to regroup.

Sam managed to fight her way through...

...but alas, Drew was the victorious one.

Now it is Drew and Derek's turn.

They had a good battle going with Derek eventually going down.

Sam thought she could take out Derek...

...fighting a good battle...

...pushing Derek further and further down the beam...

...only to land in the pit after losing her balance.

Savannah ready to cross the Warrior Course...

...and making great progress.

It's Jayden's turn to make her way across...

Next the kids moved on to trampoline basketball. Here's Sam making a dunk.

Drew and Derek attempting to make ally-oops and dunks.

Another dunk attempt for Sam.

Jay back at the Warrior Course.

She was the first to make it all the way across, never falling into the pit of balls.

A photo of the Ropes course.

Jay and Savannah battling it out on the jousting beam.

Both girls were struggling to keep their jousting sticks up...

...but Savannah appears to be taking the lead...

...before Jayden called for a break - her arms were killing her!

Jay responded with a surprise attack on Savannah...

...using her strength...

...to push her down...

...and raise her arms in victory! Here is the victory cheer by Jayden!

Jayden ready to walk across the ropes course.

Savannah making her way through the ropes course.

Now it was Drew's turn on the ropes course...

...followed by Sam.

Sam and Drew were held up by the younger girls in the front.

Drew ready to walk across the suspended bridge.

Jayden approaching another part of the ropes course.

Savannah walking along the suspended planks.

Jayden climbing the spider web ropes.

Drew making his way through the ropes.

Savannah hanging and holding ropes on a suspended bridges.

Jayden and Savannah stepping on platform steps.

Savannah and Jayden ready to cross the spider web section.

Drew making his way across the hanging bridge.

The girls climbing across the spider web.

Drew making his way to the web.

Sam and Derek attempting to make their way across the spider web.

Savannah and Jayden making their way back to the end of the course.

Sam heading to the end of the course.

A bit of a back up as they try to figure out which direction to go.

Jayden and Savannah making their way to the end of the course.

All of the kids hanging on the last rope section.

Derek making his way across the last set of ropes.

Jayden and Savannah heading back to the end of the rope course.

Kids all making their way toward the end.

Jayden leading the group...

...with Derek picking up the rear.

Savannah climbing the brick wall.

A view of the size of the wall.

Savannah made it to the top to ring the bell.

Jayden making her way to the top of the brick wall...

...and ringing the bell at the top.

Jay walking up posts...

...making her way up to the tallest post.

Jay standing tall on the highest post.

A zoomed out photo of Jayden walking the posts.

Jay making her way across.

Watching Jay advance through each pole.

Jayden taking her last step...

...and standing tall on the last post.

Sam climbing the rock wall.

Savannah making her way along the posts.

Sam made it to the top of the rock wall.

Now its Derek's turn...

He made it to the top as well.

Derek coming down from the top.

Savannah making her way up another climbing wall...

...almost up to the bell.

Sam climbing the jagged wall.

Jay making the attempt at the rock wall.

Savannah attempting the jagged wall...

...and ringing the bell at the top.


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