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January 28th, 2018              

Game #1

Ultimate Soccer Arenas - Pontiac 1st Half 2nd Half Final
06 Liverpool FC 0 0 0
Royal Oak FC White 1 1 2


Jayden and her 06 Liverpool teammates returned to the pitch for their first game in months. It was pretty obvious that the girls were rusty right from the opening kick. They struggled to gain any traction on offense, though they did decently on the defensive end considering the amount of the time that the ball was in their zone. They would end up giving up a goal in each half, but never really threatened to score themselves. In the end, they would fall by a 2-0 score to the Royal Oak team.


06 Liverpool FC Game 1 - vs. Royal Oak FC White

Jayden lining up a sideline throw...

...and sending the ball on to the playing field.

Jay challenging an oncoming Royal Oak player...

...and knocking the ball away.

Jay with another sideline throw-in.

Jay using her body to settle a bouncing ball.

Jay taking another sideline throw-in.

Jay getting her foot dangerously high to knock the ball away from a Royal Oak player.

Jay lining up another throw...

...and sending the ball flying.

Jay making sure to keep her toe down during a sideline throw.

Jay lining up yet another throw-in...

...and dragging her toe...

...and sending the ball flying towards her teammate.

Jay taking one more throw-in...

...and heaving the ball towards her teammates.


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