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March 11th, 2018              

Game #7

Ultimate Soccer Arenas - Pontiac 1st Half 2nd Half Final
06 Liverpool FC 1 1 2
Strikers SC Harvill 0 0 0


Jayden and her Liverpool teammates faced off against the Strikers soccer club this morning. Thankfully, the girls were prepared to play today, and got on the board midway through the first half to take the lead. Strong defense and goalkeeping would be enough to keep the score 1-0 at halftime.

The second half was a back and forth affair, but neither team was able to get the ball into the net. It was just past the 10 minute mark before a goal was scored, and it was once again the Liverpool girls who found the back of the net. The 2-0 score would be enough to last until the end of the game, giving Liverpool victory.


06 Liverpool FC Game 7 - at Strikers SC Harvill

Jayden walking on the field before the opening kick.

Jay lining up a sideline throw in...

...and launching the ball...

...towards her teammates on the field.

Jay lining up another sideline throw in...

...and taking aim at her where she wants to throw the ball...

...and winding up...

...and sending the ball flying.

Jay fighting for position on the field.

Jay dribbling the ball...

...and making a move... get around the opponent.

Jay challenging for the ball along the sideline.

Jay settling the ball down near the sideline.

Jayden stepping to challenge on defense...

...and knock the ball away...

...while almost getting knocked over herself!

Jay turning up the field with the ball.

Jay going after the ball in the middle of a crowd of players.

Jay taking another sideline throw...

...and sending the ball onto the field.

Jay doing her best to play a bouncing ball...

...and play it ahead towards the net and her teammates.


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