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December 25th, 2018            

Christmas morning has arrived, and although the budget was a little tight, it seemed as though everyone was thankful for what Santa was able to place under our tree this year.

From the entire Peters family, we hope that you enjoyed your Christmas day as much as we did!


Christmas Morning at Home

Crush opening his present from the kids.

Drew helping Crush with his new toy. Crush wasn’t too sure about this new gift and kept sniffing it until he became more comfortable with it.

Jasper intently watching as Samantha and Jayden help him open his new toy.

Jay handing off the new toy - "Snakey" - to Jasper. He seemed to be quite happy with the gift.

Jay playing with both dogs and their new toys.

Jasper wasn't willing to give up his snake.

Drew starting the process of opening his presents from Mom & Dad.

His first gift was...

...a pair of slippers.

Next up is Jayden...

...who got a gift she has been asking for...

...a pair of black Converse high tops!

Now it's Samantha's turn...

What could this present be, you ask?

It's a similar box to the one Jay got...

...and indeed, it was matching high top Converse shoes! The girls are now a 1/2 size apart in shoe sizes, so they each have to have their own pair.

Drew opened up his candy cane stink...

...and then it was on to a new "real" gift...

...which is a Florida Everblades dress shirt to wear during his basketball season.

Jay was up next, and she got a nice new Tervis cup.

Sam also found a candy cane stick in her bag.

Sam moved on to her next gift, one that is quite fluffy... fluffy, she almost died! It is a fluffy sweater for those cold, cold Florida days. ;-)

Drew got a Detroit Pistons Tervis tumbler.

Jay was up next, and she too was excited to open up a...

...matching fluffy sweater!

Sam making a shot into the trash bag with her wrapping paper ball.

Sam's next present was a Liverpool FC Tervis cup.

Drew, our resident "tech wizard", hooked us up with a nice fireplace on the TV to warm up next to.

Now it's Drew's turn once again to open a gift. What could it be?

A Mickey Mouse phone case for his iPhone.

Jay was pretty excited with her new Narwhal headphones.

Sam and Tara carrying on a conversation.

Sam showing off a new wallet for her ID and debit card.

Drew is already to dig into his next present...

...which was every teenage boy's dream...

...a new gaming system... the form of a new XBox (a Fortnite edition, in this instance).

Jayden got a new cell phone case too. Hers is a Beauty and the Beast version.

Samantha got a Stitch phone case.

A new gaming system has to mean new games too, right? Here Drew is showing off his new Call of Duty game.

Jay moving on to her next gift...

...which turned out to be a Lego Friends set - our little girls favorite.

Sam opening up her next present...

...while taking a closer look at her new rings...

...that she got in a couple of different styles.

Drew got a new controller for his XBox as well...

...which he seems "excited" about.

After opening her next gift, Jay took a long smell...

...and was feeling quite excited about the scent...

...of her new Bath & Body Works body spray.

Sam got a new lanyard to match her wallet from earlier.

Drew opened up a family gift next...

...which was a game for all of us.

He's not sure what to think, but we're happy for the chance to do something as a family.

Back to Jay's turn...

...and she opened up some body wash to match her body spray.

Sam showing off her own body wash and spray.

Of course Jayden received a candy cane stick too!

Drew opening another family gift...

...which was a new Life board game! Somehow we seemed to have misplaced our old game...

Samantha is full of smiles this morning!

Drew getting the opportunity to open up another family gift.

What could it be?

A Google Home Hub for us to all use!

Jay opened up a Google Home Mini with light bulbs to use with it!

Now it is the adult's turn to open their presents. Up first - Tara!

Wonder what she could have there...

It's a bad of candy from Jayden!

Tara also got a candy cane shaped tube of peppermint Kisses.

Ooh! Tara got an Up! phone case for her iPhone.

Tara also got an assortment of face masks of Bath & Body Works.

Tara unwrapping another present...

...which was another Google Home Mini and light bulb combo.

Tara didn't know about this present...

...but she was surprised when she unwrapped... Instapot for when we're in desperate need of a quick meal.

Rodney's first gift is a Michigan Alumni Tervis cup.

Rod got a Rolo's filled candy cane...

...which he turned into holiday earrings.

Time to open another present...

...which was apparently funny somehow...

...but it turned out to be some much needed shirts for work.

Of course, what kind of Christmas would this be if Rod didn't get a Google Home Mini too? Of course this would end up in Jayden's room later in the day...

Rodney getting ready to open his next present.

The kids just couldn't help themselves this year...

...they had to treat their dad to 20 pounds (!!) of sour cherry candy's from Cherry Republic in Michigan.

Can you feel the love? He's in heaven!


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