Christmas Eve

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December 24th, 2018            

Continuing our annual tradition, the kids took some time to open a couple of presents tonight. We started out with gifts for each other that weren't quite ready when Tyler was in town before moving on to a special present from Dad & Mom - pajamas! The tradition lives on...


Christmas Eve

Drew opening his gift from Jayden.

Hmm... what could it be?

An Everblades Sling pack for his gym clothes.

Samantha's turn to open a present.

What might this be? Hmm...

Fluffy Christmas PJ's, an annual tradition.

Drew's turn to open a gift.

Oddly enough, he too received some pajama's.

What? Why the second box?

Guess one needs a shirt to go with the pajama pants, right?

Last but not least, it's Jayden's turn.

Is she laughing? is she screaming? At this age, one can never be so sure. Maybe it's hysteria?

Jayden, just open the gift silly girl! What could the gift be?

Ooh, look! Its pajama shorts.

And a pajama t-shirt.

Now it's dad's turn. Did he receive pajamas?

I don't know for sure....

...what could that red roll be?

A Chewbacca holiday light t-shirt!

All three kids in their pajamas, ready for bed on Christmas Eve.

Another shot of all three kiddos! They're growing so much!


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