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December 17th, 2018            

Although it isn't Christmas yet, it is for this family. For the first time since April, we are all together at home - and that includes Tyler, who had wrapped up his training before getting ready to head off to Germany in a couple of days. We were even joined by Tyler's girlfriend Rose, from Michigan! With them in town, that meant that we had one opportunity to celebrate Christmas together, and that meant not waiting until Christmas day do so.

The kids did a name draw this year, each picking one another to purchase a gift from. We included both Rose and Samantha's boyfriend Derek, making it a true family affair. Tyler wanted the opportunity to buy everyone in the family a gift, so each of us got a little something special from him.

Although this celebration was a little rushed, and not every gift was here and wrapped, we were thankful for the opportunity to spend time together. We love and miss you Tyler!


Family Christmas

Jayden opening up a gift from Rose as Tara looks on. This one was painting canvases.

Jay also opened up a sketch book that Rose gave her.

Jay opening up some paint from Tyler... well as some other acrylic paints too.

Samantha received a makeup palate from Tyler.

Here she is sharing it with Crush, who seemed quite interested in having his eyes made up.

Rose opened a gift from Sam - Ulta! A girl's favorite store.

Rose had a bag that kept on giving - how could she not be excited?

Rose and Tyler going through gifts that were exchanged with the other kids.

Who knows what Drew's looking at... that face says it all!

Rose opening a gift from Rodney & Tara - a Tervis water bottle.

Also from Rod & Tara, Rose got a body spray from Bath and Body Works.

What else is in the bag? Hmm...

Could it be face masks?

Yes, it was!!!


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