Game 4

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April 20th, 2019              

Game #4

Garbrandt Soccer Complex 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Kellogg B 0 1 1
Kellogg A 0 0 0


Today, Tara and Jayden made their way to the field early, as Jay had team photos to take before the game. Samantha came to the game with us so that they could take some "senior photos" of her in her high school soccer uniform.

The game started close to scheduled 10:30am start time, and a few of Sam's teammates were refereeing the game. The coach came over to inform the parents that they had opted to use a few boy goalies since several of the girls had expressed less than enthusiastic feelings about playing in net. This would allow the girls to see more field time while also providing the occasional substitution along the way. Jay played forward both halves of the game, showing improvement and making some nice passes that would have led to an assist had the goals been scored. The blue team seemed evenly paired with the pink team, as both allowed minimal scoring chances. At just about 5 minutes left in the game, the blue team managed to score the games only goal. The final score would end up being 1-0, with Jay's team coming out on top!


Kellogg B Game #4 - vs. Kellogg A

Jayden gaining control of the ball...

...before turning up the field.

Jay watching as the ball bounces in front of her.

Jay hustling back to defend...

...and try to get in the way of a pass.

Jay eyeing the ball...

...and knocking it away from the opposing player.

Jay flinching as she knocks the ball down to the ground.

Jay dribbling down the field while trying to hold off the opposing player.

Jayden looking toward the bench during a break in the action.

Jay running down the field.

Jay setting the ball in position for a corner kick.

Jay taking off the with the ball...

...and dribbling across the field...

...before making a move around another player.

Jay getting ready for a sideline throw-in...

...and sending the ball on to the field.


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