Game 6

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May 4th, 2019              

Game #6

Garbrandt Soccer Complex 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Kellogg A 0 0 0
Kellogg B 1 1 1 3


Jayden didn't have to wear the blue penny for today's game, meaning that she was a member of the "A" team for this game. Unfortunately for Jay, the way the team was divided meant that she was paired up with the taller, slower girls while they would be facing off against the smaller, faster girls on the "B" team. Needless to say that didn't for out too well for the "A" group of girls. They struggled throughout the entire game, giving up two goals in the first half while not getting a shot on goal for themselves. They would find themselves trailing 2-0 going into the halftime break.

The second half wasn't much better for the "A" team, but at least they were able to get a couple of shots on net. They would give up one additional goal early in the half, but they were able to limit the "B" team's shots on goal as the half wore on. Despite the 3-0 loss, the girls had fun and are looking for to one last game next week.


Kellogg A Game #6 - vs. Kellogg B

Jayden dribbling the ball up the field.

Jay lining up a sideline throw-in...

...and reaching back...

...and sending the ball flying.

Jay keeping her eye on the ball.

Jay playing some pressure defense...

...and getting her foot on the ball.


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