Game 7

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May 11th, 2019              

Game #7

Garbrandt Soccer Complex 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Kellogg A 0 0 0
Kellogg B 1 1 1 3


Today was Jayden's last rec soccer game. This morning was a warm one, and many girls were complaining of the heat even before the game got underway.

Once again Jay was placed in the forward spot, and she was able to make a few challenging dribbles up the field. Although they had a couple nice passes, the pink team just couldn't quite land the shot that would have resulted in a goal. The blue team managed to score a goal just before the water break, and came back to score another one towards the end of the period, leaving the pink team with a 0-2 deficit to try to overcome.

Entering the second half of the game, the girls continued to fight hard to keep the ball in their zone. With many long passes from one end of the field to the other, the pink team just couldn't break the offensive line of the blue team. The blue team managed to score once again, increasing the gap to 3-0. In the last quarter of the game, Jay had a nice attempt at the goal, but she caught it just a bit too hard, sending it into the crossbar. A few inches shorter and it would've been an amazing goal in the upper left side of the net. That was their last best chance, and the game would end with the A team on the wrong side of a 3-0 score.

Overall the season was a fun one, with the girls learning to spread out more and take space with plays. Coach presented each girl with a participation medal and congratulated them on a season well done. He encouraged all of the girls to come back again in the fall and/or to come out to the VAYSA tryouts which took place the next week.


Kellogg A Game #7 - vs. Kellogg B

Jayden keeping an eye on the action down the field.

Jay charging after the ball.

Jay dribbling the ball...

...and looking to make a pass.

Jay watching the ball after making a pass.

Jay battling for the ball while on defense.

Jay talking a sideline throw-in.

Jay trying to get her foot on the ball.

Jay winding up for a big kick.

A group photo, with Jayden in the back row next to the coach.

The coach handing out the participation medals to the team.


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