September 22nd

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September 22nd, 2019            

Tara and I were able to head to Orlando once again today, this time with Drew and Jayden joining us. We headed to Epcot, in order to register a visit towards our passholder coasters. We made a day of it, hitting some of our favorite rides along with way, along with one that definitely isn't a favorite...

The first thing that we did when entering the park was split up. The kids and I headed off to Mission: SPACE, while Tara headed to Spaceship Earth. We first rode the more intense version of Mission: Space, and followed it up with the less intense version (I still prefer the intense version myself, though I liked the journey of the less intense ride). Tara didn't end up riding the Spaceship Earth attraction, as she secured a Fastpass for later in the day.

Tara met up with us and we made the stroll across the park to take a tour on Living with the Land. While we were on that side of the park, we took in the Soarin' Around the World.

After our stay in The Land, we wandered over to give the kids their first taste of Tara's least favorite characters... Figment. Her love affair with Figment start on our honeymoon, when we first rode Journey Into Imagination With Figment. While on it, the ride stopped, leaving us to enjoy the ride's theme song endlessly over and over again. Thankfully this time we were able to make it all the way through without the song being drilled into our head, but I think the kids were just an unimpressed as Tara. They did like the interactive features that they were able to participate in when we got off the ride inside of ImageWorks, however.

We had one last thing to do before leaving for the day, and that was our ride on Spaceship Earth. The last time I rode it, Jay switched the language over to Portuguese at the last second, leaving me clueless as to what was going on during the ride. At least this time I got to listen to it in English!

Once our journey through time was completed, we decided to call it a day. Until next time!



Spaceship Earth, as seen from the entryway to Epcot.

The view from the walkway to Mission: SPACE.

We were joined for dinner by this little fellow...


...and watched by another one from high above.

The entryway to The Land, featuring Soarin' Around the World.

A view inside The Land.

A Dragon Fruit plant seen on our Living with the Land tour.

A giant Mickey Mouse plant stand spotted during our Living with the Land tour.

We also saw a Mickey Mouse in the plants!

Drew and Enjoy enjoying the activities inside of ImageWorks...


We also got to see Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph while inside of ImageWorks...


Jay pointing to her creation.

Jay posing for a photo.

Drew as seen on the Spaceship Earth ride...


Rodney as seen on the Spaceship Earth ride...

Drew and Rodney together...



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