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August 13th, 2020              

I got a call tonight while at work saying I need to rush over to Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry's house as Jayden had fallen off the golf cart while riding around the park with Drew, Steven, and Parker.

I was surprised with just how bad she was when I got to Sun-N-Fun, and all she could do was apologize to me and ask me when I got there. After she asked for the 10th or 11th time I knew something was wrong and we needed to go get her checked out. A trip to the hospital led to all kind of tests to make sure that nothing was broken (which they confirmed, even though days later her hand still hurt, leading to a trip to a specialist who indeed confirm our worst fears - she had a broken bone in her hand). We were put on concussion watch as well, but thankfully there were no lasting effects indicating that was an issue. She still doesn't remember what happened or how she fell, but otherwise she is making a full recovery from what was a scary situation! Crazy kid!


Golf Cart Crash Aftermath - August 13th

Jayden suffered road rash all over, including her hand... well as both knees...


...and her toes...

...and scariest of all, her face...


Jayden was in much better spirits the day after the crash, though in lots of pain. Bending her leg was probably the worst at this point, which made moving around very difficult, not to mention pretty much eliminating the possibility of going to her bedroom, which requires climbing to the second floor of the house. No matter what, she was a brave soldier, refusing help as much as possible, wanting to do as much on her own as possible.


Golf Cart Crash Aftermath - August 14th

Jayden was in good spirits the next day despite it all.

Her knees are still looking pretty rough though.


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