Game 14

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February 20th, 2021              

Game #14

TGH Ice Plex - Tampa, Florida 1st 2nd 3rd Final
Riverview Ice Sharks 1 0 1 2
Durant Cougars 0 1 0 1

Period Length

13:00 13:00 7:00  


I didn't get to attend this afternoon's game due to work, so I don't have a lot of feedback to provide to you about the action on the ice. I can tell you that the refereeing wasn't high on the list of the Riverview list of positives, as the coach got kicked out for "arguing" with them. There were also some questionable penalty calls throughout the course of the game, including a 2+10 penalty that was dubious at best. Anyway, despite having to battle the refs and the Durant team, the Ice Sharks came out on top on the scoreboard, winning by a 2-1 score. Way to go Riverview!


Riverview Ice Sharks JV Game #14 - vs. Durant Cougars

Drew and his teammates hanging out on the boards waiting to get on the ice before the game.

Jayden messing around while waiting for the game to begin... posing for pictures.

Drew setting up the net for pre-game warm-ups.

Drew warming up before the game begins.

Drew reaching out to get a stick in the passing lane.

Drew circling around while keeping an eye on the puck.

Drew lifting his opponents stick while chasing down the puck.

Drew looking to set a screen in front of the net.

Drew racing down the ice.

Drew heading to the bench at the end of a shift.

Drew reaching out to do his best to intercept a pass.

Drew watching the puck in a crowd of Cougars.

Drew preparing for contact in front of the net.

Drew corralling a rebound as he sets up in his office in front of the net.

Drew heading down the ice.

Drew getting off a pass to an onrushing teammate.


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