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December 19th, 2021              

Game #8

Lakeland Ice Arena - Lakeland 1st 2nd 3rd Final
Riverview Ice Sharks 1 1 1      1   1 1 6
George Jenkins Eagles 0    1 1   1      3

Period Length

13:00 13:00 4:00  


Drew and his Riverview Ice Sharks teammates traveled to Lakeland this afternoon for their first game of the season at the Lakeland Ice Arena, as they were taking on the George Jenkins Eagles. The funny thing for Tara & I is that this is by far the coldest rink we have been in since Drew has been playing hockey in Florida, and the Lakeland Ice Arena in Waterford, Michigan was among the coldest rinks he played in back in Michigan! Brr!

The first period of today's game was all Ice Sharks, as they dominated the play for the majority of the time, out-shooting the Eagles by a 12-3 margin. It took a bit for the action to really heat up, but a too-many men penalty against the Ice Sharks a little over four minutes in seemed to jump start them. On the penalty kill they still managed to control the play while getting some good looks on net as well. Moments after they returned to full strength the Ice Sharks managed to get their first goal of the game, coming off a rebound that they were able to tip into the net. Then, barely more than a minute later they scored their second goal, which was a near replay of the first, as they tipped the puck into the back of the net when the Eagles goaltender was unable to control the rebound. They managed a few more shots over the final five minutes of action, but those were the only two goals scored. Riverview would take the 2-0 lead into the first intermission.

The Ice Sharks dominated the first half of the second period, getting the first 8 shots on goal, including their lone goal of the period just a little over two minutes in. The ice would tilt towards the Eagles end towards the end of the period, and they would manage to score two quick goals late in the period less than 40 seconds apart. The first would come when a missed Riverview pass would lead to a 2-on-1 break for the Eagles, which they managed to slip in under the Ice Sharks goaltenders pads. The second of the two goals, which narrowed the margin to 3-2, was tipped in over the shoulder of the Riverview goaltender. That 3-2 score would hold until it was time for the second intermission.

The final period was a short one, as there was a long delay due to a piece of glass on the boards that became dislodged. Despite the short four minute length, there was still plenty of action. The Ice Sharks would score on the first shot, on a wrister that found its way through a screen out front. That made it a 4-2 game. With just 70 seconds of action remaining, the Eagles took advantage of a whiffed Riverview shot to score a short-handed breakaway goal to close the gap to 4-3. With only 40 seconds remaining, the Ice Sharks found the back of the net once again, this time on a shot from between the circles. The Eagles pulled their goaltender to end the game, and as time expired the Ice Sharks scored an empty net goal to wrap up the scoring and securing a 6-3 victory. Go Sharks! 


Riverview Ice Sharks Junior Varsity Game #8 - at George Jenkins Eagles

Jayden taking a selfie before the game.

Jay and Tara posing for a selfie (though, is it still a selfie when it isn't just yourseld?!?).

Rodney snuck up on Jay for this selfie - she had no idea he was there!

Drew talking to an Eagles player before the opening faceoff (it turns out they were making fun of the ref).

Drew looking towards the puck while finding an open spot on the ice.

Drew watching as a shot goes past him.

Drew heading back down the ice.

Drew looking for a pass.

Drew knocking the puck off of an Eagles players stick.

Drew doing his best to be first to the puck.

Drew making his way down the ice.

Drew looking for a pass.

Drew heading towards the net looking for a rebound.

Drew keeping an eye on the puck.

Drew circling back around as the play changes direction.

Drew lined up during a faceoff.

Drew racing towards the puck.

Drew lining up a shot...

...and sending it on goal.

Drew racing back after the puck.


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