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May 14th, 2021              

Game #5

TGH Ice Plex - Tampa 1st 2nd 3rd Final
Riverview Ice Sharks Blue 0 1 1 0 2
Riverview Ice Sharks White 0 0 0 0

Period Length

12:00 12:00 12:00  


Today contest would see the two Riverview Ice Sharks teams face off against each other - meaning that one team would get their first win of the season! For a while it appeared that maybe that wouldn't be the case... maybe the two teams would get their first tie of the season! Drew and his Ice Sharks Blue teammates dominated the puck for the majority of the opening period, but they couldn't find the back of the net no matter what they tried. Even a couple of Ice Sharks White penalties giving them an extra attacker on the ice, they just couldn't get the goal that they needed to grab the lead. Despite controlling the action for most of the first period, the White squad got a couple of breakaway opportunities that could have blown things wide open were it not for some great saves by the Blue goaltender. The first period would come to a close with the two sides tied at zero.

Things were a little more back and forth to start the second period, as both teams took a penalty in the opening four minutes. Neither team was able to convert on their opportunities, but the Blue team was able to take advantage of a shorthanded opportunity at the end of their penalty to score the games first goal with just under 7 minutes remaining. The Blue team would end up with a second penalty during the period, but thankfully the White team wasn't able to take advantage of their opportunity. Just when it looked like the period would come to a close with a 1-0 score, the Blue side was able to get a shot on goal that trickled through the goaltenders legs where it would end up getting tapped into the back of the net with just 16.4 seconds remaining, giving them a 2-0 lead. That would be the final shot of the the second period.

There wasn't a ton of exciting action in the third period to report on. The Ice Sharks Blue would take a penalty with just under 8 minutes remaining, but would actually outshoot the White team 3-1 while shorthanded for two minutes. The White team would end up taking a penalty with just under three minutes remaining, which essentially ended their chances of a comeback. The Ice Sharks Blue team would hang on to nab their first victory of the season, with a 2-0 score!


Riverview Ice Sharks Blue Game #5 - vs. Riverview Ice Sharks White

Drew taking the games opening faceoff.

Drew skating through center ice with the puck.

Drew keeping his eye on the action down the ice while heading towards the bench for a line change.

Drew playing the puck along the boards as two Ice Sharks White players close in on him.

Drew coming to a stop after closing in on the puck in his offensive zone.


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