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February 10th, 2021              

Game #1

Riverview High School - Riverview, Florida 1st Half 2nd Half Final Shootout (Rnd 1) Final (SO)
Barrington Bolts 0 0 0 G X G G X 3
Burns Bruins 0 0 0 G X G X X 2
First things first, I included some pictures of the sunset from the Riverview Sharks stadium because the sunset was absolutely gorgeous!

Now, onto the reason you are here - Jayden's soccer game! Jay got the start on defense tonight, and despite telling me early during practices that she would start and probably sub right out, she never left the field tonight, seeing time both on the left and right side of the defense.

I would say that the Barrington girls dominated the ball for the vast majority of the game, including shots on goal. Unfortunately they weren't able to convert on any of their chances in either half. It was the Burns Bruins that got the edge for quality scoring chances, though, and thankfully the Bolts keeper was up to the task tonight, as she stopped every shot that she faced through regulation time.

When the final whistle blew and the score tied 0-0, everyone assumed the game was over. It turned out that it wasn't - we were going to a penalty kick shootout. Each team nailed the first of their five attempts while missing their second. With each successive attempt, the pressure to score/make a save ratcheted up a notch. Both teams scored on attempt number three, keeping the score tied. The Bolts would score on kick number four, while their keeper would stop the fourth Bruins attempt, giving Barrington a 3-2 edge. The Bolts player missed attempt number five, leaving the door open for the Bruins to tie things up. Thankfully the Bolts keeper was up for a final save, sealing the opening night victory for the Bolts! Way to go girls!


Barrington Bolts Game #1 - vs. Burns Bruins

A look at the sunset to the west of Riverview High School.

The clouds to the south of the high school

Another shot of the sunset and the clouds.

Jayden dribbling the ball up the field.

One more picture of the clouds during the game.

Jay got away with a hand-ball during this play (just one of many that both teams got away with).

Jay keeping an eye on the ball during a break in the action.

Jay, playing defense, became the queen of the sideline throw-in tonight.

One last picture of the clouds during the sunset.

A couple more pictures of Jayden taking the sideline throw-in...


Jay going after the ball...

...and getting a foot on a pass attempt.

Jay jogging down the field.

Jay intercepting a pass.

Jay watching the action while making sure she stays in position.

Jay settling down a bouncing ball.

Jay watching as the ball sails by her head.

Jay taking another throw-in.

Jay taking aim at a bouncing ball...

...and sending it down the field.

Jay lining up a throw-in...

...and sending the ball down the field.

Jay going up for a header.

Another throw-in by Jayden.

Jayden dribbling the ball up the field.

Jay keeping the ball in play along the sideline...

...before looking to make a pass to a teammate.


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