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February 25th, 2021              

Game #3

Newsome High School - Lithia, Florida 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Barrington Bolts 0 0 0
Randall Hawks 1 0 1


Today's game was against the top two teams in the league, as the top-scoring Barrington Bolts face off against the stingy defense-minded Randall Hawks.

The game lived up to it's billing, as the two teams spent most of the game battling back and forth in the midfield area. Randall got on the scoreboard first, thanks to a rather fluky goal that came on their first shot. The best opportunity for Barrington came off of a big kick by Jay, as she launched a rocket off her right foot that nearly soared over the head of the Hawks keeper. Unfortunately, each team would end the half with two shots on goal, and the Hawks holding on to their 1-0 edge.

The second half was very similar, with an even amount of shots between the two teams, but neither team able to score, with most of the action remaining in the midfield. Without being able to notch the tying goal, the Bolts wound up with their first loss of the season, knocking them out of the playoffs and allowing Randall to move on. Although the result wasn't the best for Barrington, it was the best game of the season for Jayden on a personal level. She had the game's best shot, and she played some good defense during the Hawks best offensive threats. Even though this wasn't the ending we wanted, it was a great season for the Barrington girls!


Barrington Bolts Game #4 - vs. Randall Hawks

Jayden knocking the ball off of a Hawks players foot.

Jay getting physical on defense...

...and preventing a shot on goal.

Jayden lining up a sideline throw-in.

Another sideline throw for Jay, as she reaches way back...

...and launches the ball down the field.

Jay lining up a kick...

...and sending the ball back to her team's offensive end.

Jay playing strong defense...

...and knocking the ball away from the Randall player.

Jay with another sideline throw-in... she reaches back...

...and sends the ball flying down the field.

The moon was out in full force tonight!

Jay taking another throw-in...

...and reaching back before releasing the ball.

Jay thwarting another shot on goal by forcing the Hawks player wide of the net.

Jay getting ready for another sideline throw-in...

...and reaching back to launch the ball.

Another shot of the moon as the sky darkens.

Jay taking a push in the back while going up for a header.

Jay dribbling the ball through a crowd.


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