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May 1st, 2021              

Game #4

Florida Hawks FC Field - Lithia 1st Half 2nd Half Final
Florida Hawks FC A 1 1 1 1 4
West Florida Flames United 0 1   1 2


This evening's game saw Jayden and her Florida Hawks teammates facing off against another West Florida Flames team, this time the United. Unlike the last game against the Jazz squad, this time the girls were able to find some luck in the offensive end of the field. They would score on their very first shot of the game, grabbing the early lead, and would add a second score on just their second shot to further widen the lead. At this point the United team switched goalies, which did little to slow the Hawks attack, though she was able to stop a few of their shots. It would take some time, but the Hawks girls kept attacking, and they once again found success, scoring their third goal of the half partway through the post-water break time, making it a 3-0 game. It wasn't until after this point that the United girls got their first shot on goal. THe Hawks would outshoot the Flames 7-1 in the first half, and the 3-0 score would hold until the halftime whistle sounded.

The field tilted a bit in the second half, as the Flames would spend more time in their attacking zone. After giving up the first shot attempt to the Hawks, they would wind up with five of the next six shots. The last of those shots would result in their first goal, narrowing the Hawks lead to a 3-1 margin. After the kick off the Hawks would march down the field and answer with a goal of their own, reopening their three goal lead once again. They would add the only remaining shot on goal before the second half water break, but the score would go unchanged. The majority of the post-water break time was spent in the United end of the field, and they would get the game's three final scoring chances. They were able to convert on the middle of their three shots, making it a 4-2 game. That would be it for goals, however, as the Hawks held on for the victory!


Florida Hawks FC A Game #4 - vs. West Florida Flames United

Jayden keeping her eye on the action early in the game.

Jay chuckling at her teammates.

Jay seems to be good for at least one pose per game!

Jay charging after the loose ball.

Jay lining up a goal kick for the keeper...

...and taking aim at the ball...

...before making contact...

...and sending the ball down the field.

Jay lining up another goal kick, this time in the second half...

...and winding up for the kick...

...and taking aim at the ball...

...before watching as she sends it flying.

Jayden looking back after making a play on the ball.

Jay taking a pretty good push from a Flames United player.

Jay running down the field while keeping an eye on the ball.

Jayden taking another push while playing the ball...

...but maintaining control...

...despite the contact...

...before almost being wiped out.

Jay playing the ball...

...and getting off the pass just as she gets hit.

Jay making a pass in front of a United player.

Jay wiping off her hands during a break in the action.

The sunset at the field was pretty tonight.

Jayden going after the ball as a Flames player dribbles down the field.

A couple more pictures of the sunset at the field...



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