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March 14th, 2021            

We've been wanting to explore the Celery Fields area for some time, and we decided to make today the day. There are a lot more trails to explore here, but we brought Jasper with us and he was beginning to tire out, causing us to call it quits a bit earlier than we may have otherwise. This is a really pretty area to explore, and despite being so close to so much of the city of Sarasota, the sounds of the city are drowned out quite well. Next time I'd like to have my longer zoom lens for the camera, as there is a lot of wildlife to photograph! In the meantime, enjoy the pictures from today's visit!


Celery Fields

Jayden, Drew, Jasper, and Tara making their way up the observation mound at the Celery Fields parking lot.

Jay and Tara walking atop the observation mound.

The views across the Celery Fields from atop the observation mound...


A look at the observation mound from ground level.

A look at one of the Celery Fields watershed ponds.

A bird flying across one of the watershed ponds.

A heron near the edge of a pond...


Jayden showing off Jasper during a break in our walk.

A plane flying overhead.

Jay, Drew, Tara, and Jasper walking the trails.

A hawk flying over the Celery Fields.

A pelican flying above one of the watershed ponds...


A duck swimming in one of the ponds.

Some gulls flying out over the pond.

An Anhinga bird sitting in a tree near the edge of the pond.

We also saw an alligator basking in the sun while swimming near the shoreline.

An Anhinga bird sunning itself beside the pond.


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