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January 17th, 2021            

Thanks to the ongoing COVID crisis in this country, combined with the fact that both Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry were diagnosed with it just before Christmas of this year, we held off on doing our family Christmas celebration with them. Once things finally cleared, and time was available for us all to get together, we got together at our house to finally exchange gifts as well as celebrate both Grandpa and Drew's birthdays. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday guys!


Peters Family Christmas

Drew sharing a laugh while opening his ornament.

Drew was excited to show off his new ornament,

A closer look at Drew's ornament out of the box.

Samantha was up next...

...and she too was excited to show off her ornament.

My apologies for Sam's eyes, but this was the only picture I got of her with her ornament.

Jayden's turn came next, and she was ready to tear into her present.

Jay showing off her ornament in the box...

...and out.

Rodney was next in line to unwrap his present.

Rod showing off his ornament.

A look at Rod's ornament out of the box.

Tara was working on her nails while we opened gifts, so she had to do everything one handed!

Tara posing with her wrapped present...

...and for a shot with it unwrapped.

Tara and Samantha sharing a story.

Jayden's selfie!


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